Version : MCPE 1.2.0 - 1.20.41 Platforms : Android, iOS, Windows
Add-on date : November 23, 2023
Enderman Enderman Mobs for Minecraft PE
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Enderman Mobs for Minecraft PE

Details :

Unleash Mystical Encounters with the Enderman Mobs in Minecraft PE

Embark on a journey through the mysterious dimensions of Minecraft PE with the Enderman Mobs, a transformative addition that introduces new and updated mobs to the game. This mod not only enhances the danger factor but also provides the intriguing ability to tame these enigmatic inhabitants and witness their unique abilities.

Tame the Untameable

For Minecraft PE players accustomed to encountering aggressive mobs in various dimensions, the Enderman Mobs brings a game-changing feature: the ability to tame these once-unfriendly creatures. Now, players can turn these mysterious inhabitants into loyal guards, offering protection against hostile attacks. Using a bow and approaching the Enderman, players can activate the taming process, gaining powerful allies in the process.

Encounter New Mysterious Mobs

The Enderman Mobs introduces seven new and intriguing mobs to the Overworld of Minecraft PE. As players explore, they may encounter these unique creatures, each with its own characteristics and potential dangers. Some mobs, armed with bows, pose a threat, and defeating them may yield valuable loot such as Ender Crystals. Keep a vigilant eye out during nighttime, as the new inhabitants add an extra layer of challenge to the game. From the formidable Enderman Golem to the highly dangerous Titan with 400 health, each mob offers a distinct and exhilarating encounter. The mysterious White Enderman, dropping pink pearls upon defeat, adds an exquisite touch to the mod.

Exquisite and Sinister Atmosphere

The Enderman Mobs seeks to elevate the sinister nature of these mysterious inhabitants in Minecraft PE. Mobs no longer casually roam the terrain; instead, they utilize teleportation to pursue their victims relentlessly. The addition of crouching Enderman further enhances the eerie atmosphere, providing players with a heightened sense of danger and thrill during their encounters.

Immerse Yourself in Mystical Adventures

With the Enderman Mobs, Minecraft PE players can delve into mystical adventures, encountering new mobs, taming untameable creatures, and navigating the sinister and exquisite atmosphere crafted by the developer. Brace yourself for encounters with dangerous foes and unveil the mysteries that await in this transformative mod.

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FAQs :


    To install the Enderman, you'll need to have Minecraft installed on your device.
    The Enderman file is in .mcaddon extension, which means it's designed to be installed automatically in Minecraft.

    First, download the Enderman file to your device.
    Once it's downloaded, locate the file and tap on it.
    Your device should recognize the file extension and prompt you to open it with Minecraft.

    Tap on "Open with Minecraft" to initiate the installation process.
    Minecraft will launch and show you a message that the Enderman is being imported.
    Once the import is complete, you can launch Minecraft and activate the Enderman from the game's settings or mods menu.


    Yes, the Enderman can be used in a multiplayer game.

    For this it is enough just to be the owner of the card and install this modification on it.

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